K 2016 will be a 5 day symposion in Athens, Greece

23/09 arrival
26/09 symposion
27/09 symposion
28/09 symposion
29/09 symposion
30/09 symposion
02/10 departure

The artists initiative K,
investigates how young, contemporary researchers from varying fields
can work together to invent and create new formats for artistic, collaborative productions.
Since 2013 K has become a forum for collaboration and transnational communication.
The format K aims an unceasing agency for collective, political and social action in times of an increasing individualism in the present, capitalist, neoliberal society. K is a hybrid where diverse positions are articulated and confronted with each other. K never had a theme but consists of different and variable identities, shapes, codes and styles defined each time through its participants. K in Athens wants to be a vase that splits and every night is put together again. It might get more difficult, night by night.
K 2016 will be hosted by the project space Circuits & Currents in Athens, Greece
K 2016 is supported by ifa Art Funding (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), Germany
K 2015 Berlin

K 2013 Karlsruhe

Contact K k(at)kybrid.com