1-15 October

K.Hybrid editorial board meeting in Athens & Hydra

Letters to K

sunday 1/10
m and a arrive in Athens
together with p they stay @Ύλη[matter]HYLE at Omonia Square

monday 2/10
first meeting over lunch
#marianna #philipp #angela
starting to revise all the emails and texts that were written in the thread
meeting #yorgia in the afternoon at Yorgia’s studio at Omonia

tuesday 3/10
p starts writing the editorial letter
a and m add to it
it will be re-edited over the next days with the other members of the editorial team on hydra between 9-13 october

wednesday 4/10
10am start at hyle
11am annex office
look for paper
buy a4 paper
get a b/w printer for Hydra
design the k letter paper

thursday 5/10
yorgia and lindsay arrive in Athens

friday 6/10
meet at Yorgia’s studio #marianna #philipp #angela #yorgia #lindsay
install printer

saturday 7/10
laundry meeting
10pm yorgias gig

sunday 8/10
yulia and isabel arrive in Athens
8pm screening at Hyle (deutschland im herbst – germany in autumn)

buy the ferry tickets for monday

monday 9/10
first ferry to Hydra 9am
editorial board meeting and workshop with marianna, philipp, lindsay, yulia, yorgia, isabel, meghan, johannes, angela
tuesday 10/10
skype with lennart and sarah
thursday 12/10
skype with paula – had to postponed
friday 13/10
#K2017 editorial letter is finished
6:30pm ferry back to Athens
saturday 14/10 off
sunday 15/10
dinner in Athens

end of october 2017
starting to send out the #letterstoK



K 2016 Athens

 K 2015 Berlin

K 2013 Karlsruhe


Contact: k(at)khybrid.com

K 2017 is hosted and supported by Ύλη[matter]HYLE a semipublic, semipersonal space in the center of Athens at Omonoia run by Georgia Sagri, Yorgia’s studio at Omonia and by the ASFA Villa Tompazi on Hydra. K is a self-organized and non-profit organisation run by a group of artists and thinkers based in different cities (contact person Angela Stiegler). In 2017 K gets financial support from the City of Munich Department of Arts and Culture, the LfA Förderbank Bayern and the Erasmus+ programm.