K 2016 was a 5 day symposion in Athens, Greece

now online: Ks full PROGRAMM:
Come and join and get a crush on K!

11 am acro yoga drone with Jessica, Angela, Sarah
12 am Monday morning: musical exercise with Augustin: write a chanon on a text
poster printing installing
Monday night: poster presentation
Felix: performance Monday evening
8 pm A YouTube project: exclusive peek on ‘The See’ channel
hanging dinner

8 am Anita + Matthias: the tile thing / tile tests
more cars to go to the marble thing from the greek participants?
malakates marble
2 pm: magazine Kraximo (1980s) reading
8 pm symposion #1: KALIARNTA, Filmscreening with Paola Revenioti and talk with Byron + Philipp
10 pm dinner with Knödel

6 am Isabel: cleaning field recordings
11 am Jessica, Angela, Sarah: acro yoga drone
3 pm Isabel: cleaning field recordings
8 pm symposion # 2 [16] Lennart and Augustin, please register with k@khybrid.com
10:30 pm Felix workshop bar-writing

9 am Morning stroll: final destination Ancient Agora, picnic reading out of Timing of Affect + group exercises with Mirja
8 pm symposion # 3 Language Gap Explanation Key: Giorgos and Byron with Roasted Lamb
invited guests: Stella, Sofia, Vasilis
10 pm Paula: Karaoke night singing and fighting the power

day at the seaside
11 am Jessica, Angela, Sarah: acro yoga drone at the beach
fear dialogue?
8 pm FINALE and soup
broadcasted on Circuits on Air webradio, listen to Ks final dinner night if you missed it
‘The See’ YouTube channel launch: An episode on K!
Felix performing again about what happened during the week

during the week:
‘The See’ YouTube channel shooting in the week with Felix, the drone and
Lennart’s simple thing visit at the museum
Anita and Matthias building the tile thing
Helin: hangers
Helin: dog


The artists initiative K investigates how young, contemporary researchers from varying fields can work together to invent and create new formats for artistic, collaborative productions. Since 2013 K has become a forum for collaboration and transnational communication. K aims an unceasing agency for collective, political and social action in times of an increasing individualism in the present, capitalist, neoliberal society. K is a hybrid where diverse positions are articulated and confronted with each other. K never had a theme but consists of different and variable identities, shapes, codes and styles defined each time through its participants. K in Athens wants to be a vase that splits and every night is put together again. It might get more difficult, night by night.


Circuits & Currents
Notara 13 & Tositsa, Exarchia,
Athens, 106 83
Helin Alas
Isabel Bredenbröker
Augustin Le Coutour
Jessica Yanti Dunleavy
Anastasia Efstathiadi
Anita Edenhofer
Samuel Ferstl
Philipp Gufler
Byron Kalomamas
Yorgia Karidi
Ylena Katkova
Nancy Koufogiani
Paula Kohlmann
Lilly Kontodima
Sarah Lehnerer
Araceli Lemos
Giorgos Nikas
Matthias Numberger
Mirja Reuter
Lennart Boyd Schürman
Alexia Sarantopoulou
Franca Scholz
Barbara Spiller
Angela Stiegler
Marina Velisioti
Felix Leon Westner

and guests:
Stella Chronopoulu
Antigone Blanda and Aimilia Morrigu from Asthenia Fanzine
Sofia Dona
John Karvelis
Paola Revenioti
Vasilis Zarifopoulos
Cafe Brown
et al.

 K 2015 Berlin

K 2013 Karlsruhe




Contact: k(at)khybrid.com


K 2016 is hosted and supported by the project space Circuits & Currents
K 2016 is supported by ifa Institute for International Cultural Relations Art Funding, Germany
and Arts Council of Northern Ireland